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Dexterity to College (D2C) 2017


Deadline: November 30, 2017

Organized by the international nonprofit Dexterity Global, Dexterity to College, or D2C, is a high school to college transition platform that identifies and grooms young high school students for world's top colleges. Open to school students across India studying in grade 6 through 12, D2C envisions a generation of young leaders who will use their college education to solve the world's most pressing problems, irrespective of their own socio-economic backgrounds.

Selected students attend the 2017 D2C Camp in December. At the D2C Camp, students gain a better understanding of the college admissions process, ranging from timelines and deadlines to the SATs and ACTs, the admissions interviews to college essays and the overall preparation and approach. D2C mentors include globally renowned alumni of some of the world's top colleges as Harvard, Columbia, MIT, etc.

Past D2C Fellows have received admissions offers from world's top colleges and have received scholarships of over 170 Million INR. Students can pre-register themselves for on the D2C website.

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