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Dr. Kalam Ignite Awards 2017


Deadline: Aug 31, 2017

Department of Science, Government of India, invites applications for 10th National IGNITE awards for the year 2017 in fond memory of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. This annual competition aims to promote creativity and originality of the children. Students up to class 12 or up to the age of 17 years can apply.

Interested students can take part in this competition by submitting their technological and innovative ideas. Essays or write-ups on population, corruption, global warming, unemployment, etc will not be considered. Students of any stream can participate in the competition by applying online.

Write down your innovative idea and send it online, by email or by post. All practical and useful ideas/innovations may be given financial and mentoring support. In case of deserving cases, patents will be filed in their name at no cost to them. It is also possible that some of the ideas might attract entrepreneurs and these may get licensed for monetary consideration.

Students will be invited for an exhibition in Ahmedabad for which their entire travel and stay will be covered by the National Innovation Foundation.

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