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National Competition On Essay Writing in Physics


Deadline: August 01, 2017

National Competition on Essay Writing in Physics is one of the three national competitions being held by IAPT every year. The competition is open to participants in two categories viz., students and teachers (including Science Communicators).

The theme for this year is - Lasers Today - A century of Einstein's stimulating theory of radiation". Participants are expected to build-up the theme properly and cover major aspects of the basic Physics and technological applications of Lasers. The essay will be limited to 08 pages including figures/tables etc, type-written in the Times New Roman 11-point fonts, with 1.15 spacing. All entries will be subject to the online plagiarism test.

Hand written and/or scanned submission will be rejected. Only one entry per participant and at most two entries per institution may be submitted in a category. The entry will have to be forwarded through the Head / Principal of the institution, mentioning the category A or B, along with all contact details clearly.

Attractive cash prizes plus books/CDs will be awarded to the winners. Details of the prizes will be decided in consultation with the judges of the competition. The prize distribution will take place as a part of the IAPT annual convention to be held in October 2017.

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