• Reaching opportunities to students directly in their classrooms, homes and phones, DexConnect offers students a pathway to be rewarded and recognised at the highest levels and grow as leaders in different fields.

  • "The goal is to connect promising young students with opportunities and to equip them with the mentality to solve 21st-century problems with 21st-century solutions."

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    World-class opportunities

    Drawing on more than twelve years of research and powered by strong partnerships, DexConnect is the world's largest repository of world class opportunities.

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    On an Opportunity Superhighway

    Building a unique supply chain of educational opportunities to connect an expansive network of schools, libraries and nonprofits, DexConnect pioneered the concept of an "Opportunity Superhighway."

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    Till the last mile

    With students from the remotest and most underserved communities competing and excelling at global platforms, DexConnect has shown what's possible when we reach opportunities till the last mile.

  • Opportunities include competitions and conferences, scholarships and fellowships, awards and grants, workshops and exchange programs across all fields — Science and Technology, Leadership and Innovation, Policy and Research, Art and Design, Sports, etc.

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    varied academic interests and

    co-curricular disciplines

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    hidden interests and potential

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    competence and performance

    at the global level