• Institutions and Families can sign up for DexConnect Opportunity Updates. Sent on the first Sunday of every month, DexConnect Opportunity Updates contain world-class educational opportunities along with suggested resources that enable students to excel.


    Institutions (schools, libraries or non-profits) can request DexConnect below. On approval, institutions receive DexConnect Opportunity Updates on the first Sunday of every month as a PDF file through email.


    All institutions must share DexConnect Opportunity Updates with all students every month. Possible ways to share Opportunity Updates include but are not limited to—

    • Print and put DexConnect Opportunity Updates on common notice boards of the institution
    • Print and put DexConnect Opportunity Updates in all classrooms
    • Send DexConnect Opportunity Updates as a circular to all students/parents via email or SMS
    Institutions can use some or all of these ways to share opportunities with their students. We encourage institutions to come up with new ways.


    Families (students and parents) can register for DexConnect below. Once registered, they receive DexConnect Opportunity Updates every month through email.

    DexConnect for Institutions

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    Schools, Libraries and Non-profits

    DexConnect for Families

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    Students and Parents